• Dear Customers,

    we are glad to announce, that Fristom Tomasz Frieske Company product range has been extended with a group of new LED rear lamps FT-130 LED:

    • universal 6-functional LED rear lamp with a number plate light (FT-130 PM LED, FT-130 COF LED),
    • universal 5-functional LED rear lamp without a number plate light (FT-130 NT PM LED, FT-130 NT COF LED)

    Available product version with 1m connecting cable and 5PIN bayonet socket.

    Multimedia product presentation (film) available at: 

    Rear lamps FT-130 LED has a very attractive, modern design. End users mostly find it mostly popular among different freight trailers and bike racks mounted on the tow bar.

  • Dear Customers, we are glad to inform you that Company FRISTOM Tomasz Frieske has just extended the range of LED rear lamps:

    • universal 3-functional LED rear lamps without number plate light (FT-120 LED/ FT-121 LED, FT-122 LED)
    • universal 4-functional LED rear lamps with number plate light (FT-120 T LED, FT-121 T LED, FT-122 T LED)

    Multimedia product presentations available at:

    We would like to draw your attention at their modern design and wide range of applications. They are manufactured from the highest quality materials, making their performance long and maintenance free.

  • We are glad to announce that Company Fristom Tomasz Frieske has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification requirements for its manufacturing operations in design, production and sale of Automotive lighting, reflecting devices and plastic components.

    The ISO 9001 Quality Standard is an international standard that is recognized and used by over 150 countries worldwide. It establishes a common framework for organizations to document, control, monitor, review and continuously improve their businesses. By completing the certification to the ISO 9001:2008 standard Fristom demonstrates highly effective business processes, commitment to continuous quality improvement and a focus on customer satisfaction.

  • Please note that there is already available a new edition of Product Catalogue FRISTOM 2014 in paper and electronic versions. We would like to draw your attention to the range extension with several new and interesting items in the group of LED & standard lamps (FT-100, FT-110, FT-111, FT-112, FT-120, FT-121, FT-122, many others) and accessories.
    We kindly invite you to download a new Pdf version of “FRISTOM 2014 Product Catalogue” in the bookmark "Products".

  • We are pleased to inform our present and potential customers that FRISTOM Tomasz Frieske Company has released a line of visually appealing and energy-saving (2.8W) interior 4-LED lamps: FT-043 and FT-044.

  • We are glad to announce that we expanded our range with new sets of Magneti Marelli 4-LED Daytime Running Lights LAQ010 & LPQ080. Excellent quality & reasonable price. Now available at FRISTOM.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Dear Customers,

    it is our great pleasure to announce that after a long period of careful preparation of the English version of our website - finally - on 17.06.2013 (Monday) upgraded version of internet service in a new layout was launched. Our main objective was to facilitate your access to the most current information on the activities of FRISTOM Tomasz Frieske Company. We put our main efforts to provide you with detailed information about our products (descriptions, photos, technical documentation), services and to simplify its functionality and navigation.

    Our goal is to continuously improve FRISTOM Tomasz Frieske website, therefore, we will be happy to get your comments and suggestions, which should be sent to:

  • Dear Customers,
    We are very glad to inform you that Company FRISTOM Tomasz Frieske has just extended the range of products with 22 new items of LED lamps:

    • FT-038 – group of clearance lamps,
    • FT-040 – group of anti-fog lamps,
    • FT-041 – group of reversing lamps

    We kindly invite you to place orders at FRISTOM.

    Highest product quality in line with competitive price – FRISTOM... and everything shines...

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